Global Net Warehouse SCAM!

Goodyear, Arizona 5 comments

I used to work for Globalnet Warehouse and yes it is a total scam.I left after the guilt of ripping off so many people got to me.

The owner of this scheme is Michael Allen Bacolas of Surprise,AZ

his former scams include GlobalNet Warehouse.Direct Wholesale Solutions,and his current scams are mortgage scams calle Smart Lending Solutions and Smart Advertising Solutions.He lives at 18421 W. Port au Prince Surprise,Az 85388 ph. [623]476-2273. He is an ex-*** with a conviction for sexual misconduct with a minor.

He is a very bad person.Don't let him scam anymore peple.

Review about: Internet Business.



I totally agree with you.He used me as well.

He also used the fact that my son had Hodgkin Disease and ruin my credit!They took total advantage of me.

Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom #826172

"Global Net Warehouse" who work under many names ripping off investors are back at it again, watch out for the "Castle Gallois Corporation" "GlobalNet" or "CGC Wealth" this has been going on since 2008 and I have just lost a small fortune...


I forgot to add..I still have the paper wrk I signed with them! I will be calling Terry tomorrow, even though it has been a long time maybe something can stilll be done to stop his *** so we can eliminate one scammer off the internet!


In 5/10/07 I invested several thousand dollars with promises of a website..which I recieved..and promises of Double Opt In E-Mails..

After 3 months I had 10 visitors TOTAL.. It showed I made 80$ but a few days later my site totally disappeared.. Well Now I see A phone listing.. I'll try to squeeze a little blood outta this turnip..

this turnip as i see it is getting VERRRRY rich off us people who are trying to make ends meet..and he don't care if it means we meet our end!...DON'T DO IT!!!

Arhus, Arhus, Denmark #32361

If you have been contacted or ripped off by any of the following scams:

1.Global Net Warehouse

2.World Lending Services

3.Smart Advertising Solutions

4.Smart Lending ServiceS

5.Direct Wholesale Solutions

Please contact:

Terry Goddard,Attorney General

1275 W. Washington St.

Phoenix,AZ 85007

(602) 542-5263

John E. Lewis F.B.I

Special agent in charge

201 E. Indianola

Phoenix, AZ 85012

(602) 279-5511

Chairman Kevin Martin

Federal Communications Comission

445 12th Street SW

Washington, D.C. 20554

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